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School site meeting dates

Governance meets remotely/ virtually, every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

The Governance Council is a site-based decision-making body for the school.  It is governed in its actions and operations through our charter petition and the bylaws of the Governance Council.  The Council is required to meet at least six times during the traditional school year to discuss policy and make decisions on the direction of the school.

At least one elected parent representative will serve on each of the school’s governing and executive committees, including but not limited to:  Personnel, Curriculum, District Advisory Committees, Budget, Safe and Healthy School, Core Academics, Technology, Arts, Professional Development, Facilities, and School-wide Positive Behavior Support.  By participating in the process, parents learn skills related to the teaching of their children, planning, budgeting, management and problem solving.  Members of the Council serve two-year terms:  one-half of the teacher members and one-half of the parent members will be elected each year. There will be five staff members and one alternate teacher representative, who shall be elected by the credentialed teachers employed at the school, which will include the principal, UTLA Chapter Chair, two certificated representatives (to be elected by certificated staff), one classified representative (to be elected by classified staff) and five parent members.

The Governance Council is consensus-oriented, and has the responsibility for allocating categorical block grant resources and setting the site-based policies and procedures to achieve the school’s program goals, thus promoting the best educational program possible for students.

An Executive Committee, comprised of the principal, one teacher elected yearly by the teachers who are voting members of the Governance Council, and one parent elected yearly by parents who are voting members of the Governance Council, sit on the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the Governance Council meeting agendas and reference of issues to the Governance Council or committees.  The Executive Committee will normally meet weekly but may convene more or less frequently as necessary.

Governance Roles:

​Title IX Manager and Sexual Harassment Officer:

Principal Barbara Meade

Contact at [email protected] or 818-716-7310

For more information see LAUSD District Title IX website.